Corona Virus Update

Dear Friends and Partners of Life Builders Ministries International,

We are so grateful to all of you who have given generously to help us during this Coronavirus Pandemic. Our goal as an organization is to help the poverity-stricken and most vulnerable souls in and around our community. With your help, we have been able to curb the frequency of this virus and the harshest effects for our people - lack of access to food and supplies. Below is a video presention by Dr. Emmanuel Oluwayemi, our President, outlining all we have accomplished thus far.

There is still great need in our community and with our sponsored orphans and widows, as long as the government has instituted the shutdown.

We would like to continue to serve our community with food and basic needs, but we need your help. As you can see in the Financial Report below, we have used all of the generous donations we have received from you.  We will continue to help as long as we are able.

We feel very blessed to have such caring friends and partners who have helped to make a difference in the lives of God's most vulnerable society. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Life Builders Board of Directors


This is just one of our advertisements to let our community know we are there to help. We had thousands of people respond and they so appreciated our help.

Financial Report of COVID-19 Donations to Life Builders Ministries International


Income (Donations from our Partners and Friends - YOU!) $20,470
Bank Fees = $270
Purchase of rice and beans for orphans and widows in Lagos and Abeokuta Area
20 bags = $1,200
10 bags for staff = $600
Sending of money to others in far places @ $30 per family
15 families =$450
Total = $2,520
Expenses for the first and second batch of free distribution to various communities

Nature of Item                                               Quantity                                              Cost
Hand sanitizer                                                 2,500                                                 $3, 473
Liquid Soap for washing hands                       2,500                                                 $2,780
Face mask ( medical)                                         700                                                    $682
Face mask (local materials)                             3,000                                                   $560
Hand gloves                                                        900                                                   $300
Vitamin C                                                           50 bottles of 1,000.                            $540
Bags of Rice                                                      85 bags of 50kg.                             $5,659
Printing of labels.                               5,000 for hand sanitizer, liquid soap & rice        $350         
Water Buckets.                                      24 pieces plus tap construction                     $200
Logistics.                                                 Transportation for Rice & other items          $620
Bags and labor for the repackaging of rice, liquid soap and hand sanitizer                $480
Fuel for transportation of items to different places, police department, etc                 $400
Cash gift for feeding to 15 widows the aged and the less privilege who are far.         $620
Banner and others                                                                                                       $100
Media coverage.                                             TVC crew                                             $200
Security expenses                                    Police DPO and Community security.        $550
Miscellaneous          Stipend for volunteers and staff during free distribution             $430                                                                                         
Total                                                                                                                       $17,944
Grand Total income = $20,470
Total expenses in dollars = $20,464
Balance remaining = $6

Places served

Igbusi community = rice and COVID-19 prevention materials. Over 1,600 families served
Police Department departments: Ifo division = 100 officers served
Police Department: Sango Division = 200 officers served
Alakuko police Department, Lagos = 100 officers served
Alakuko community =over 400 families served with hand sanitizer, liquid soap and rice
Church members in Lagos = over 600 families served with hand sanitizer, liquid soap, and rice
Abeokuta, Ifo and Sango communities and churches = over 300 families served
Staff and widows/orphans of life Builders = over 60 staff and 100 families served
Other aged people and families = about 20 families in this category

Next Phase if funds become available:
Rice and beans distribution to 150 orphans and widows
Rice and beans distribution to 1,500 less privileged people in our society
Rice and beans distribution to 65 staff of life builders
Goal = $20,000

If you can help us continue to serve our community, please CLICK HERE to make a tax deductible donation. Your help will go a long way in saving lives for the glory of God!

May God continue to bless you and keep you safe and healthy!