Frequently Asked Questions

Why is holism or holistic ministry so important?

We believe holistic ministry is not only a practical approach to ministry, it is a biblical approach to ministry as well. It was the approach used by our Lord Jesus Christ (see Luke 4:18); and it was also used by the early church (see Acts 2:4; 6:1-6).

What is the primary focus of Life Builders?

Our primary focus now is to mobilize the Nigerian church to biblically engage the HIV/AIDS epidemic. We do this in two major ways: Education and Care. Our Save-A-Soul education campaign targets the most vulnerable groups in society, namely women and young people. We train key religious and community leaders to respond to the HIV/AIDS challenge headlong! Our slogan is: Education is better and cheaper than cure or treatment! The second way we address the AIDS problem is through the care we provide for the orphans and homeless children, particularly those who are already affected by the AIDS epidemic in Nigeria.

How does Life Builders carry out its Mission?

As an indigenous ministry, we work with local churches to offer holistic Christian ministries. We not only mobilize the church, but we demonstrate how the church could make a difference in their communities through our projects. In addition to serving as a bridge between the Nigerian church and the church in the West, we also provide resources for the church to engage their social context with the whole gospel.

What is the track record of Life Builders?

We are working hard to build a strong relationship internationally:

  • Started in 2001 with a successful track record of helping the poor to get low-income housing in Lagos. Over 100 low-income families have been helped through our Christian Community Housing project. These families now have affordable housing
  • Over 80 people already benefiting from a revolving loan scheme project
  • More than 150 orphans and homeless children receiving care through a home based orphanage ministry which could expand to 500 or more
  • Expanding nationally and internationally. We are an active member of a number of internationally recognized organizations such as the Food for The Hungry International Federation and the Christian Connection for International Health (CCIH), just to mention a few   
  • Establishing International partnerships, especially with North American churches
  • Conducted extensive and vigorous research among Nigerian Church leaders and theological educators about HIV/AIDS
  • Working with local, state and federal governments of Nigeria in the areas of HIV/AIDS education and care, poverty alleviation program, etc.

What is unique about Life Builders?

Though not as big as most development and relief agencies, Life Builders has some unique features that most big organizations do not have. We are an indigenous/local response to local needs; we know our people very well and can serve them better than any foreign organization. Many International leaders, including Kofi Annan and Nelson Mandela, have said that Africans must take the lead in finding solutions to their needs. But we believe it is essential that such initiative be in partnership with our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world. Life Builders serves as a bridge between the African church and development partners and churches in the West. So, we are:

  • Less bureaucratic, very pragmatic and solution oriented
  • Mobilized at the grassroots level
  • Led by a well trained African team 
  • Well established network of churches (over 3,000 local churches in our network)
  • Governed by Nigerian church leaders

What about fiscal control?

Because of the importance of having good fiscal management, Life Builders was under the purview of Cedarstone Partners for the first two years of its legal existence in the U.S. We are now recognized as a 501c3 charity organization by the IRS. Life Builders is legally incorporated in the State of Illinois and led by a dedicated board of directors who maintains fiscal control with a balanced budget.

How does Life Builders support the orphans and homeless children?

Life Builders staff work with local churches to select those orphans and homeless children who are in most need of sponsorship. The pastor or elders of the church make a commitment to help provide spiritual nurture for the child. We look for a sponsor who can make at least a one year commitment for the basic needs of the child. We serve as a link between the sponsor and the guardian or foster parents of the child. Christian families or extended family members help provide parental care (foster parents) for children without any parents.

What is the cost of sponsoring a child?

Your gift of $55 per month for elementary school or $60 per month for a high school child will help us provide food, health care, educational expenses, HIV/AIDS counseling and prevention, clothing and spiritual nurture through a local church. Unlike most other organizations, we sponsor the neediest of the orphans and homeless children and in most cases the adoptive or foster parents benefit from such sponsorship. Please note that your donations are tax deductible.

Who is a Life-Child Sponsor?

A Life-Child sponsor is someone like you who has made a commitment to help build lives of children who have been affected by AIDS and poverty in Nigeria. You are partnering with Life Builders to help give life and hope to a child through your monthly gifts, which help us provide education, food, health care, HIV/AIDS counseling and prevention, and spiritual nurture through a local church. You are building a real and personal relationship with a child who will know your name and pray for you. You will have the privilege of writing to and receiving personal letters from your sponsored child as you like. You can also make a visit to the family of the child during one of Life Builders sponsored Mission trips. Three of our child sponsors (two from Illinois and the other from Los Angeles) have made a trip to visit their sponsored children in Lagos.

How can I be sure that my donation benefits the child I sponsor?

In order to maintain integrity and ensure efficiency and accountability, Life Builders has a well described procedure for funds disbursement. We make sure our staff, the local church pastors where the child receives spiritual nurture, as well as the foster parent, monitor the disbursement of your monthly donation for education and general upkeep of the child. Our goal is to maintain the highest level of integrity and financial accountability.

May I send additional gifts to my sponsored child?

Yes, Life Builders encourages sponsors to send additional gifts to their sponsored children, but such gifts must pass through our staff and may not be more than three times a year: Christmas or New Year, Easter and during the child's birth day celebration. You may buy a special gift by yourself or send the money through Life Builders so that our local staff can help buy the gift(s) on behalf of the sponsor. We encourage sponsors to limit the financial gift to a maximum of $30 at a time.

How long should my sponsorship last?

While we encourage sponsors to make at least a one year commitment and preferably more, our goal is to help each child go through elementary and high school level of education (usually between 18 to 22 years old). However, you may discontinue your sponsorship at any time. If a sponsor decides to discontinue, we will look for another sponsor to make sure the child completes the program. If the child's circumstances change, we will let you know as soon as possible, and will offer you the opportunity to sponsor any other child that is in need of help.

Is Life builders affiliated to any church denomination?

Even though we work with local churches and our local leadership is made up of church leaders, Life Builders is not a denominational organization. Our leaders are reputable church leaders with many years of pastoral experience. We subscribe to the fundamental beliefs of the Association of Evangelicals, both locally and internationally.

When can I start sponsoring a child?

We encourage you to consider becoming a Life Builder today! You cannot tell the positive impact your sponsorship will make in the life of a child that you decide to help today. May God bless you as you consider joining the other believers who are already making a difference in the lives of orphans and homeless children in Nigeria and in Africa! Please visit our "Children Waiting for Sponsors"  page.