Life Builders Christian Academy Boarding School Project

Boarding School System for Life Builders Orphans

The Need/Problem

Out of the 140 orphans in our home based orphan program, we have identified 22 who have serious issues with their academic development. Their performance in schools they currently attend show serious deficiencies that required a change of school. Furthermore, some of them who live with close relatives are at risk of abuse and and or religious persecution. These 22 orphans who are more vulnerable than the others urgently need serious intervention. We have decided to start a boarding facility for them in order to be able to attend Life Builders Academy where they can receive both quality academic development as well as spiritual nurture. These orphans are between ages 10 and 17.  Without this intervention, they are prone to become victims of child trafficking and sex slaves in the community and all our previous efforts and financial investment in them will be a waste.

Below is the summary of the reasons we believe this project is imminently important:

  1. The resources that we expend on the orphans in their current schools do not yield the desired results in the areas of their academic and spiritual development
  2. These resources could be channeled toward the same purpose and with greater positive impacts if these orphans are transferred to our own school, which was established for this same purpose
  3. The 22 orphans live very far from Life Builders campus where the school, clinic and other amenities needed for their wellbeing are located.
  4. Widows we currently support would be employed to serve as hostel parents for the orphans in a boarding school system. This will achieve dual objectives of providing adequate care for the orphans as well as job opportunities for the widows
  5. Starting the boarding school this way could increase the student population of our own school, both for boarding students and day students alike

Our Goals: What we hope to achieve

If we receive the needed funds to relocate these 22 orphans to a safe and loving environment where they can continue their education and spiritual growth, these are the benefits:

  1. It will save these orphans from the risk of dropping out of school due to poor academic performance
  2. The project will afford the orphans the opportunity to receive quality academic, sound spiritual nurture and adequate health care at the Life Builders Campus in Igbusi
  3. This project will provide job opportunities for the widows who are currently jobless, thus lessening their dependence on Life Builders for support
  4. Relocating these 22 orphans will serve as a springboard for launching our boarding school system which will benefit other students who are not orphans, thereby providing additional income for the school
  5. The end result of raising up future Godly leaders for our nation through Christ-centered education would be achieved

The costs: What We Need In order To Achieve Our Goal

We have three basic areas of financial need on this project:

  1. Dormitory Rooms, Kitchen and Utensils

Two cooking stoves                                                                          $100

Gas cylinders cost                                                                            $150

Cooking pots and utensils                                                                $200

Kitchen cabinets and accessories                                                    $250

Dining chairs and tables                                                                   $300

Dormitory Room cupboards                                                              $400

Dormitory Room wall hangers                                                          $100

Reading Tables (desks)                                                                    $150

Mattresses and pillows                                                                     $600

Bed sheets, Blankets                                                                       $200

Painting of rooms                                                                             $500

Bore holes (to provide clean water supply)                                      $750

Bathroom Facilities (toilets, sinks, showers, etc.)                            $550

                    Sub Total                                                                                    $  4,250

  1. Staffing and other logistics

               Initially, we hope to hire two male and two female staff as hostel parents for the   boarding students. Please note that there may be other regular students (not orphans) who are interested in joining the boarding system. The staff will take care of the feeding,             homework, attendance at church programs and all the dormitory activities required of the     students

                    Four dormitory staff salaries for one school year                       $  6,000                 

  1. Food, school uniforms, textbooks and school supplies for 22 orphans

               The one time fees:

                    School Uniform, sportswear, cardigan, etc.  - $80 per child        $  1,760

                    Notebooks, textbooks etc. - $60 per child                                    $  1,320

               The Yearly fees are

                    School fees to cover tuition, exams, etc. - $450 per child            $  9,900

                    (three terms at $150/term)

                    Boarding fees - $600 per child (three terms at $200/child            $13,200

               Sub total for this section                                                                  $26,180    

               Grand Total of Grant Request                                                           $36,430

Final Comments

This project, which is initially designed for 22 orphans, is capable of growing to become self sustaining, once we begin enrolling new boarding students who will pay their own fees (non-orphans).  As we accept non-orphan students for boarding, their fees will help to cover the cost of running the program. This system was used to start our elementary and high school - Life Builders Christian Academy - a few years ago and today, the school is self sustaining. This has enabled us to provide quality education for our Life Builders Orphans, who currently make up close to 25% of our student population. With the new boarding program we hope to greatly increase the enrollment of Life Builders Orphans into the Academy.

This grant will serve as a take off grant to start the boarding faculty which will grow and generate income to help provide free boarding for many more of our Life Builders Sponsored Orphans in the future.

We give thanks to God and to you for considering helping us with this vital endeavor. We are truly grateful for your continued help and support, both financially and in prayer.

Reverend Dr. Emmanuel and Blessing Oluwayemi

Founders of Life Builders Ministries International

To date we have raised $23,500!

This past September we brought 22 of our Sponsored Orphans to our newly created Boarding School Program!

group for website Some of our First Sponsored Orphans to enter the Boarding Program

We are still in need of $12,930.00 to reach our goal...will you help us?

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