Life Builders Hospital

In 2010, Life Builders set out to build a modern 80-bed hospital complex that provides maternity services, HIV/AIDS services, emergency unit, laboratory services, pediatrics, two large surgery rooms, family planning services, obstetrics and gynecology, hematology and dentistry.


New Hospital

Today our Life Builders Hospital serves the surrounding area, providing much needed healthcare for the less-privileged. We have delivered many healthy babies, cared for people suffering from malaria and other illnesses, performed many successful surgeries, including an apendectomy on one of our orphans, and much much more.

medical mission 2016 delivered baby

One of the many healthy babies born at our Life Builders Hospital!

medical mission 2016 treating a child Medical Team treating a child in the Life Builders Clinic
photo for website clinic Life Builders Clinic provides regular health checkups for our orphans and Academy students
nurse working on a patient in the clinic One of our Clinic Nurses checking vitals on a patient
joe with nurse Dr. Joe with two of our Clinic Nurses

More big news: Life Builders has purchased a building that now houses our Nurses Training Program, which used to be housed at the Life Builders Hospital. This building, called the College of Health Technology, is a separate entity that will have a new name once it has been accredited by the city of Lagos.  The building will also eventually be the home of our Computer Training Lab - more about that later!

nurses at the college Group of Nurses taking a break from their training at the College of Health Technology
new clinic site Future Site of Life Builders Clinic


This year we are expanding our Medical Ministry by opening an additional clinic located closer to downtown Lagos! This location will serve a densely populated area of people who do not have access to quality medical care. The building will be in close proximity to the College of Health Technology.

health technology college bldg College of Health Technology Building


The New Clinic will draw Nursing staff from the College, as well as serve as an internship opportunity for future nurses


Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 3.47.20 PM Second Floor of the Clinic Building is Complete